Storage and Custom Shelving

Budde Enterprises has a wide variety of storage options that can meet any customer’s needs. Whether you’re needing large or small scale storage, we have a product that will work for you. While we offer custom storage, some of our commonly ordered items include:

Parts Bins

These light weight but strong cabinets are made of 14ga steel, and have a lot of storage room. With up to 25 different bins, there is plenty of room for you to sort through your parts and tools. There is a non-scratch surface in each compartment, so you don’t have to worry about what parts you store in which bin. Some of our parts bins also have a removable face plate on the bottom row of bins, so you can roll parts in and out with ease.

Parts Cabinets

The parts cabinets we make at Budde Enterprises are similar to the parts bins in that they are also lightweight but strong thanks to the use of 14ga steel. With the parts cabinet, you have 12 different sections to store your larger parts or tools in.

Tool Racks

Our tool racks are the perfect storage option for anyone with large quantities of tools. Our tool racks are made to hold a variety of tools you might use in any industry such as sledge hammers, pick axes, shovels.

Consumable Cabinets

Another great storage option that Budde Enterprises provides is our consumable cabinet. These cabinets are fully customizable like any of our other storage products, but have lockable doors. They are usually 4 feet wide and 28 inches deep, providing plenty of secure storage.

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